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About the Company

Bhutan Kurukulle Adventures welcomes you and eager to prepare you the best tour, trek, visit or mountain biking experience in the land of happiness!

We are a Boutique Travel Agency within Bhutan, catering for smaller groups. Bhutan Kurukulle Adventures is a registered travel company with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators. Based in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan has a team of professionals who are committed to offering the best service during your stay in Bhutan. We guide you to experience all that is special about the country, Bhutanese tradition and culture, the architectural monuments, and the beauty of our pristine environment, colorful religious festivals, and the people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually strive for excellence by offering the best value and services to our clients, we select some of the finest hotels, restaurants, transports and professional guides available for your comfort and pleasure. Bhutan Kurukulle Adventures is committed to the safety, security and satisfaction of all our clients and guarantees all visitors flexibility and comfortable travel  pace with time to explore and really experience the places you visit. We believe that the best holidays consist not just of seeing new places but of really experiencing them and we are here to make your stay and visit as special as possible.

Travel Options

We offer a wide range of programs from cultural, trekking, mountain biking, festivals, textile, photography, and botanical tours. There are various options to choose from depending on your needs, interests and requirements. Though you will find predesigned tour packages on our website, we also arrange tailor-made tours in accordance to your special needs and interests, which will be designed flexibly.


All our hotels and lodges are selected carefully to suit the client’s needs, farmhouse stay are also arranged on request, but we try not to use some of them since they are most used seems rather a guesthouse than a farmhouse. Luxury Resorts and Hotels can also be arranged at an additional cost if clients are interested.


We use SUV’s (Service Utility Vehicles) such as Santa Fe, Tucson, Prado (Land Cruisers 4 wheel drive) for FIT (Free Independent Travellers 1-2 person), H1Bus (Hyundai Model, for 3-5 person), and Toyota Coaster Bus with AC for 6and above -20 person. All our drivers are professionals, holding Professional Driving (PD) License and have good experiences on the road, they can communicate in English to you.


All tours are guided, which means you will have your own guide and a private car/van/bus with your private driver at your service during your entire tour, from meeting you at the airport upon your arrival, showing you around, till your departure from Bhutan. Our guides are dynamic and have senior experience certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We have experience in guiding visitors on the famous Snowman-Trek- which is known to be one of the “World’s Toughest Trek”.

Other Language speaking guides (e.g. Chinese, German, French and Japanese) can also be arranged with prior notice and at an additional cost.


All our tours are guided, our treks are also fully equipped with the best of gears with the support of the most experienced trekking team. Our experienced and dedicated team will ensure that all your personal requirements  are fulfilled whether you are on a tour or a trek.

We will make all your arrangements, from choosing the right trip including air travel, hotel reservations, dietary preferences and other arrangements. All our trips are designed, organized and executed to ensure the same quality and comfort.

With Bhutan Kurukulle adventures handling your travel arrangements in Bhutan, you can be assured of the finest services available in the kingdom and that we will do everything possible to ensure your trip to Bhutan is one of your best experiences.

Travel with us and we will make sure your holiday/journey is the best travel experience.